How They Came To Be

     My grandmother, Rissie Harris was a master herbalist. Grandma could walk into any wooded area or park and identify every tree and bush. She knew the uses for each and how to combine herbs for internal and external medicinal purposes. Perhaps it was her Native America lineage or, it may have been something she picked up from her father, a sharecropper. In any event she passed herb knowledge of herbs and plants onto my father. I picked it up by listening to and watching him.  

        MasterPeace is the brain child of Gemmia Lynnette Vanzant. 




  My daughter Gemmia loved scents. Through her formal study of aromatherapy she discovered how scents, in combination, could and did have a powerful impact on all aspects of being human; i.e mind, emotions, physical body and spirit, while most herbs only affected one aspect.
Through careful study and calculati
on Gemmia created MasterPeace products to shift and elevate both physical and metaphysical energy.

  After Gemmia’s death in 2003, I decided to continue her line of products as a legacy for my granddaughter. One day in meditation I was guided to try African Black soap, known for its skin healing properties as the foundational ingredient for the body wash blends.

  I purchased a five-pound block of soap, soaked in water that had been treated with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Crystal Healing music. I used Gemmia’s aromatherapy formulas and added the complimentary herbs for each oil. I used my children and grandchildren as my testing subjects. Then, I offered samples to friends. They loved it! I hope you will also.